You don't know how it feels.

the emotion, inspiration & motivation of "mybloodyourhands"
Bob Marley. Such a great man :)

Bob Marley. Such a great man :)

I use this as a place to vent when I’m feeling sad. Never again! Smile with me :)

I use this as a place to vent when I’m feeling sad. Never again! Smile with me :)


People make the mistake of thinking this is easy. This shit takes effort! Winning. fuck it, i’ve won!


You tell yourself you’re fine now, or stronger and all that bullshit. But when it comes down to it, I’m still just as bad. Drugs just make me forget how bad.

This is me. Best night ever

This is me. Best night ever

Why do good girls like bad guys? …And vice versa…

BOREDOM. They’re bored of the same old carbon copy shit and want some excitement, something out of the oridinary. Someone to show them things they haven’t experienced yet.
Bad guys like good girls, because it gives them a princess type figure, someone to adore, someone with an un-altered state of mind, a point of anchor for a turbulant mind… Or just want someone to corrupt.


And at the first mention of anything to do with my band… I’m fucking happy again!

Music is THE best way to cheer yourself up. Whether it’s just listening to it, playing it, writing it.

Music is the single best thing ever!

The emotion of love

See, I love her. The only thing is, I’ll never tell her.

The look in her eye when she says “I love you” only to be meet with silence or a change of subject.

Truth is, I feel the same way she does when I don’t reply.

I’ve always tried to suppress emotions, be it ignoring them or chemically. It’s not because I don’t care, it’s because I care too much. This is the first time, in a long time, that I’ve felt this way about another person.

I think I’ll end up leaving her to save her from me. It’s not what I want, I don’t think it’s what she wants, but because I love her, I need to.

And that is why I’m scared of emotions.

Thanks for listening, nobody.